Friday, November 27, 2015


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Great holiday gift ideas for kids and adults

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spruce up Your Home for the Holidays

You can do so much to contribute to the spirit of the holidays in and around your home. As Halloween approaches, jack-o-lanterns and hay bales make their appearance. Those soon give way to gourds, corn cobs, pine cones, and mums as Thanksgiving rolls around. And of course, the winter holidays are the big finale. We all have our decorating traditions, but one you may not have thought of is using decals to really capitalize on each holiday’s unique joys in your home. A huge plus is that the decals can be easily removed so you can move onto the next holiday without letting a day pass by.

Here are a few ideas from Modernize on using WALLTAT wall decals to take your holiday spirit to the next level.


If you want kid-friendly wall decor, these Full Moon Bats Wall Decals are sure to bring the spook without overdoing the scare. Position these separate decals as you desire to fit the size and ambiance of your room. This is perfect for your family room or your kid’s bedroom. Halloween movie nights will be so much more fun! 

Unless you’re into zombies and gore, one of the first Halloween decorations that comes to mind is the classic cobweb. Evoke a gothic feel with another kid-friendly decor option that will feel extra creepy-crawly above a bed or behind a couch. The Spider Web Wall Decals can be applied with or without the spider.  

If your roommates and company happen to be a little more mature, this horrifying clawed hand will be the perfect addition to your living room. Whether you’re hosting a costume party or an intimate scary movie night, this Shadow Claw Wall Decal will set the mood.


But when All Hallows has passed, you need something warm and cozy to transport you to the delights of Autumn. And what’s more Autumn-ful than fallen leaves in burnt orange and wine red? These Happy Thanksgiving Wall Decals will make the perfect backdrop for your family feasts!

These Falling Leaves Decals are a versatile option that will last you from the beginning of September until it’s time to put up your Christmas decorations—and even then, you can simply tack on a few glistening ornament or snowflake decals to bring it into the winter.


Real ornaments are great, but can you ever really have enough? These Reflective Tinsel Wall Decals will make your home feel as warm and cozy as could be. Imagine curling up with a cup of hot chocolate underneath these glimmering ornaments—ones that the family pet can’t get their paws on. 

Even if it’s still 60 degrees outside in December, these Let It Snow Decals will you feel like you’ve climbed aboard the polar express. Arrange the snowflakes yourself, and choose any color you want—gray, light blue, and metallic all work perfectly on white walls. 

Get festive with this lively leaping Rudolph. The whimsical Rudolph Wall Decal can pair with any style of decor and will delight guests of any age. You can choose the classic red Rudolph or pick another color to match your mantel decor. 

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? Sure, you already have one, but probably not in every room! Use this Modern Tree Wall Decal to bring the joyous spirit into every room—even the ones that don’t have space for a full-blown, real-life tree.


Could Easter even occur without flowers blooming everywhere? Welcome spring with this Floral Bouquet Wall Decal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 WALLTAT Collection - 9 Cool Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decals have come a long way since their corporate signage roots and kitschy sticker beginnings in the late 90's.  Today WALLTAT Wall Decals is pushing the design envelope in creating tongue and cheek, avant-garde decals for all ages and walks of life.  Many pop culture and street art movements around the world inspired the WALLTAT Spring 2015 Collection that is making its big debut... right now.
Abraham Lincoln in sunglasses wall art
Babe Lincoln 2-color WALLTAT Wall Decal
Meet "Babe Lincoln" the most honest hottie of all hotties and 16th Prezzi of the free world.  If he were with us today, he'd most certainly be rocking a pair of red shutter shades and giving Kanye a run for his money.  We had to create the visual for you in the form of a decal.  Your welcome.

Jackrabbit with antlers is a non taxidermy art for stylish hipsters
Jackalope Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Behold!  The most mystical animal of all U.S. folklore described as a "jackrabbit with antlers." Known as a fearsome (or wholesome if you're from Austin, TX), this weirdly cute creature will keep your home safe from corporate conservatives.  Jackalope says, "alright, alright."

Darth Vader meets the runway and lands on a wall near you
Tall, Darth and Handsome Wall Decal
Stormtrooper Decal in a suit makes perfect pop culture wall decor
Suit Trooper WALLTAT

Use the force to blow your guests minds.  Yes, these designs happened and will seriously ^up^ your decor game.  Tall, Darth and Handsome Wall Decal exudes nothing but dark side class and sophistication, like a boss.  The Suit Trooper WALLTAT is equally boss status.  Instead of striking enemies he'd rather strike a pose.

Bike outline as wall decor or a placeholder for a fixie or ten speed
Bicycle Silhouette Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Kudos to us all for riding our bikes to work and on date night.  We made bike riding cool again with our fixies, throw back 10-speeds and now this bangin' 52in W x 32in H decal design.  Its time bikes found a rightful, safe place inside our apartments!  So minimal chic your bike might get jealous unless you mount a bike rack on top of the Bike Silhouette Decal to create a life size place holder.  Respect.

Sparrow or swallow tattoos are the perfect wall art version of body art
Swallow Wall Tattoo by WALLTAT
We aren't called WALLTAT for nothing.  Swallows are the most common tattoo from the earliest days of sailing.  They signify the amount of sailing experience one would have.  For example, a swallow on one wrist meant one traveled 5,000 nautical miles and a swallow on both wrists meant 10,000 nautical miles traveled.  It also symbolizes a successful voyage or that you have great taste in wall decor.  You can choose to install one or two Swallow WALLTAT's, depending on how much traveling you've done or intend to do.  Impress us.

Stock market themed wall decor for wall street traders and NASDAQ enthusiasts
Bull Bear Origami Wall Decal
You just can't loose with this origami depiction of our volatile "bullish" and "bearish"stock market. Like trades, you can position this 2-Pack decal design where it benefits you most.  Great for your office, waiting room and also the perfect gift for your broker during the holidays.  They love bonuses.

Blow up dog glorified by Jeff Koons and made into wall decor by WALLTAT
Balloon Dog Wall Decal
Made famous by American artist Jeff Koons, our version of the Balloon Dog is just too awesome not to recreate for the DIY fans of contemporary art.  Pick from any of our 34 colors to make a collage of varied sizes and colors across your wall.  Get artsy, use your thinkie brain and make your surroundings meaningful with randomness.  You dig?  (That was a dog pun).

Dancing panda wearing a pink tutu keeps you smiling from ear to ear
Tutu Panda Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Don't ask, "why?" Instead ask, "why not?"  We think pandas are funny, cuddly and should always dance in pink tutu's while enjoying life in their protected environments.  This 2-color WALLTAT uses a simple overlay installation that includes matchpoints to make your life easy and totes fun.  Get jiggy with Tutu Panda, you won't regret it.

See something your friends would love?  Send them a link, or if your really nice send them a WALLTAT Gift Certificate.  WALLTAT's are the gifts that keep on keepin' on.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

FIFA World Cup Inspired Wall Decals

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil kicks off today in a heated match between Brazil and Croatia.  Prepare yourselves for action packed futbol as the finest players from around the world go head to head to defend their countries in the hopes of bringing home the World Cup Trophy.  The tournament runs through Sunday, July 13.

Are you ready?!? Now is the time to get into the spirit of the competition.  WALLTAT Wall Decals has created World Cup inspired Soccer Wall Decals available in 34 vinyl colors to best represent your team.
FIFA World Cup Party Decorations
Keep Calm World Cup Wall Decal by WALLTAT
While absolutely loosing your mind as your team battles on the field, this Keep Calm Watch the World Cup Wall Decal will help you catch your breath and keep your eye on the prize.
Soccer Futbol Wall Stickers
Soccer 10 Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Feel the presents of greatness as this #10 soccer player wall decal scissor kicks a winning goal on your living room, rec room or bedroom wall!  GOL!!!!
FIFA Wall Decor
Soccer Wall Decals by WALLTAT
Support the kings of futbol with this crowned soccer ball with wings surrounded by an adoring crowd of cheering hopefuls below.  Perfect to transform your TV room into a stadium all your own.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WALLTAT Ceiling Decal Collection

What is it about a perfectly designed rooms that we admire?  For some it is the alluring blends of colors and textures that sweep our eyes around the space, or the room layout and functionality that we envision making our daily lives easier.  It could also be one particular design element or work of art that caught our eye that we just can't live without.  We have been following interior design trends for years now and think good design means well thought out rooms from head to toe.  All five walls (yes five walls) that incorporate the forgotten ceiling - the 5th wall.

Interior Designer and Founder of WALLTAT, Jordan Guide has just answered the age old question of how to enhance plain ceilings and light fixtures to create that "wow" factor we see in the magazines.  She has completed and launched her first Ceiling Decal Collection - available now at WALLTAT.  Designs range from Sunbursts to Medieval Compass and with this versatile group of ten clever ceiling designs, each are available in 34 colors and priced from $49 - $179.  Some are styled to mimic ceiling medallions to encircle lighting fixtures and others are sold freestanding to place around pendants or scatter around plain ceilings to highlight the furnishings below.  At WALLTAT, things are certainly looking up!

WALLTAT Ceiling Decal
Iron Flower Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Decal Stickers
Sunburst Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Stickers
Calligraphic Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Decals
Canopy Molding Ceiling Medallion
Ceiling Medallion by WALLTAT
Kaleidoscope Ceiling Medallion Decal
Scroll Ceiling Art Decals
Scroll Ceiling Art Decal by WALLTAT
Light Fixture Decals by WALLTAT
Medieval Ceiling Art Decal by WALLTAT
Swirl Flourish Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wall Decal Restroom Signage and Custom Lettering

When your store or restaurants 'grand opening' countdown begins, its easy to forget the little things like room and wayfinding signage  for areas around the store or office. We have fielded many crisis-mode phone calls requesting rush production and delivery to meet next-day deadlines for these finishing touch emergencies, and we are here to help!   WALLTAT Wall Decals offers stock Restroom Signage and Dining Room themed decor, but we also have a Custom Text category that allows you to type in any Wall Lettering you need, along your choice from 30 font types, 34 colors and sizing from 1ft to 4ft in width.  We've got you covered!

Bathroom Signage Wall Decals
Unisex Restroom Sign by WALLTAT Wall Decals 
Bathroom signage doesn't have to be boring!  The Unisex Restroom Sign by WALLTAT joins in the fun with a mustache and lips combination to display the gender friendly restroom.

 Unisex Bathroom Signs
Unisex Bathroom Signs by WALLTAT Wall Decals
This 2-Pack includes two full sets of the men and womens room graphic with text.  Great for a larger retail or restaurant establishment that has multiple restrooms.  Choose to use this design as a whole for unisex bathrooms or cut out each figure and use them to label separate men's and women's restrooms.

Mens and Womens Bathroom Signs
Boys and Girls Room Wall Decal by WALLTAT
These lighthearted signage graphics of a boy and girl can be used not only for bathrooms in grade schools, day cares and children's boutiques, but also for labeling your children's bedrooms in your home. Position the boy and his bowtie and girl and her bow with or without the text and position each as desired.

Restroom Signage
Men and Women Gender Symbol Restroom Signage by WALLTAT
The Mars (Men) and Venus (Women) symbols are a creative way to label a restroom quickly and easily. Available in 34 colors, these gender symbols will certainly attract compliments from your visiting patrons.

Private Room Signage
Privacy Screen Door Surround Wall Decal by WALLTAT
This door surround with text reading "Privacy" is an elegant way to keep unwanted shoppers or employees out of a private room or office.  The top and side sections are made to be trimmed to fit any door size during the DIY installation.

And don't forget... we can create any wall decal text lettering or signage that you need for your store, office or home.  We look forward to hearing from you!