Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home Staging with Wall Decals (Part 2)

It is no secret that our friend Ed Rudock is a big fan of WALLTAT. If for no other reason, Ed understands the high impact effect a simple element like a WALLTAT can have on a room or interior space. But I'm sure there are more reasons- right ED?

As a follow up to our earlier post, we wanted to showcase Ed's creativity in this transitional room, that got people talking during this open house. And that was exactly the point!

Here Ed combines several Line Graphic Wall Decals to produce a dramatic backdrop for this bonus room. He used the inverse option to get a mirror image of the design and combined them seamlessly to produce another memorable feature for this great space- brilliant!

This installation is further proof that high impact does not have to mean high cost. WALLTAT delivers designs with inherent value that are capable of transforming interiors in a cost effective manner.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Staging with Wall Decals

As the inventory of homes for sale continues at an all time high, sellers and real estate agents are getting creative to make their properties stand out. In our latest client submitted project, our friend Ed Rudock, an interior designer based out of Washington DC, shows how using WALLTAT wall decals can make your home just a little more memorable to potential buyers.

Ed used the Ginko Biloba in a size C in this bedroom to compliment the headboard of this contemprary bedroom. The end result is a high impact visual delight that brings color and style to a magnificently designed room- nice job Ed!

Price $119

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WALLTAT covered by The Color Association of America.

wall decal 2wall decal 3

Personalize your space like never before.
If the thought of giving your space a makeover gives you a headache then here is your remedy. Wall tattoos, stickers, decals, call them what you want, these things are great (and affordable). Almost identical to stenciled paintings without the commitment of a big project, you can transform any room in minutes. Vinyl decals are easy to apply, removable, and not damaging to the paint underneath. No limits here, they stick to almost any surface. Choose from a wide range of designs for any age or customize your own. Check out these great designs from Surface Collective, WALLTAT, and blik Surface Graphics to name a few!

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