Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids Wallpaper! Fun and Colorful

Our latest addition to our product offering (if you haven't noticed) is wallpaper. Created by artists that also design wall decals, they provide one more way to drive home a specific room theme. Aside from the great patterns and colorful themes, it is made of a polyester cloth that is vibrant and durable. There are also some other great features mentioned in the previous post, like no VOC's and is flame retardant. For the whole kids wallpaper collection visit our site.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wallpaper! But better.

WALLTAT Wallpaper is made of a lightweight polyester cloth, conceived without harmful PVC's, phosphates, formaldehyde or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). It is printed with eco-solvent inks that do not contain nickel or VOC's, and in turn do not give off any odors or pollutants. The texture and finish of the high quality, 8-color printing process creates colorful and lively artwork on the matte finish vinyl cloth, eliminating glare. This achieves maximum visual impact from all angles. WALLTAT Wallpaper is versatile enough to be used for a multitude of projects. We use it for ultimate durability in our standard application as wallpaper or paintings, tapestries and screens for the home or office. It is also water resistant that makes it perfect for corporate signage. See more at the following collections:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wall Decals mean IMPACT!

We recently asked WALLTAT friends and twitterers for photos of their WALLTAT installations and couldn't be happier with the response. We have been talking about the ability to make an impact with a single decal (see home staging below) and these customers know exactly what we are talking about.

This Chandelier installation in frosted finish was installed on a mirrored wall to further enhance the illusion of depth and dimension. Very nice job!

This light and airy room is another great example of what is possible with WALLTAT. Two tall grasses wall decals were used here to wrap this half wall. The white color is a perfect selection for this contemporary space. What I'd like to know is: where can I get that chair? Just a great space!

Thank you again, to our friends for sharing with us and everyone their vision and installations. We look forward to more feedback from you.