Dorm Decor

Small Dorm Rooms require Big Impact

It is that time of year again as young adults are headed back to college and often their new dorm room. For some, this means that they will be away from home for the first time, as others are looking forward to reuniting with friends. For the freshmen, it should come as no surprise that your dorm room will be small and most likely shared with a stranger. This is why as much as you would like to make it your own, your roommate will have something to say about it- compromise is the name of the game.

Now, if you are a freshman or going back as a seasoned student you have almost certainly had a busy couple of weeks gathering essentials (and you are sure to miss some), picking out bedding, and making sure you have enough clothes to last until your first break. Miss Scholastic has a great first person view on dorm life.

Dorm decor may not be up on your list, especially because of the roommate situation, but you should be prepared to show them something that will blow them away and win you some cool points off the bat. Of course I am talking about WALLTAT Wall Decals for dorm decor, and no I don't mean college logos or mascots (if you must get those at your bookstore).
dorm decordorm decor
dorm decor
Most college dorms have rules against painting or making any permanent changes to the room and the fact that WALLTATs are removable, leaving no marks behind, makes them ideal for this purpose.

So browse our dorm decor suggestions and keep in mind that you can customize size and color. Pick out a couple of great designs and see what your roommate has to say. WALLTATs are easy to apply give small spaces the depth and dimension that is necessary for big impact.


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