Commercial Wall Decals

Everyone knows that wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to give interiors a space lift or drive home a theme. In these times of shrinking budgets and reduced remodeling initiatives, interior designers and architects are using wall decals to complete their design vision and they are delivering it within budget. commercial wall decalsThese design professionals are also discovering that wall decals are GREEN and can accomplish a desired look with a lot less material and waste. We at WALLTAT are seeing this increased demand with storefronts and retail stores looking for an identity.

In my recent trip to Paris, I was not surprised to see that Europe has a head start in the commercial wall decals trend. Europeans are known to be trend setters in the world of fashion and I guess the same holds true for new products and wall decals are no exception.

Here is a popular shopping center that has made full use of them around columns on the sides of escalators and throughout otherwise dull areas of the space.

The Burberry storstorefront decalse in Frankfurt, Germany is another example of storefronts using wall decals as a backdrop to a featured window display.

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