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WALLTAT Decals Add Sass To Your Walls

Author: Donovan “The Meticulous One”

Wall decals are the latest craze to take over interior design as an alternative to other traditional wall decor and at the forefront of this movement is WALLTAT.com. These self-adhesive wall tattoos can transform any room into a showpiece with ease. No messy wallpaper glue, paint brushes or stencils are necessary. It’s the perfect DIY project you can complete with hardly any work.

Whether your aesthetic is classic, modern or trendy, WALLTAT’s artists have a design for you. They literally have over hundreds of designs in various different color options. Don’t confine your imagination to just your walls. These decorative installations can be placed practically anywhere. Furniture, ceilings, hard wood floors, sealed concrete, mirror, cabinets, etc. Check out their FAQ for surfaces they recommend.

Brian and I decided to give WALLTAT a try for a couple of spots in our condo. I’m not joking here, but it literally took us longer to select designs than to actually implement them. Having said that, depending on how elaborate and big your selections are, you will need a bit of patience and a steady hand. Even though I’m certain you can do this by yourself, I highly suggest having two people install the decals. Not only is it more fun, but why take unnecessary chances.

The biggest lesson we learned during our first attempt, was to read the accompanying product instructions thoroughly first. Out of all the points, the biggest ones I’d like to punctuate refer to making sure all nearby fans were turned off and not to put the bare decal too close to the wall as you’re trying to align it. With the design below, there were plenty of individual “branches” that made it a bit trickier to ensure every “branch” made it onto the surface and didn’t stay attached to the adhesive film.

As mentioned earlier, this was our first attempt at installing them. Of course, we pick our most difficult location to begin our DIY project. Our goal, was to place the wheat grass decal on our sliding bathroom door. I wanted the bottom of the decal flushed to the edge of the door, while Brian wanted it up a couple inches. Guess who won that argument?

Our biggest hurdle in this situation was being in a confined space and wanting it inside the door as oppose to the outside. We didn’t want to carry around the exposed film to far, for fear we might get it stuck on another surface. Once we removed the protective backing from the decal, we carefully aligned it to the door. Unfortunately for us, we held it up to close to the surface and the wind from the bathroom fan placed it faster than we wanted.

Thankfully, it was level enough for us to continue with the process instead of having to remove it and start over. Once the decal was stuck on firmly, we slowly removed the film to ensure none of the “branches” stayed on the film. In the end (after a few worried moments), the end result was better than we could’ve have anticipated. Brian and I usually have a lot of people hanging out at our place and out-of-town visitors and practically everyone has complemented us on our design choice. Thanks WALLTAT.

For our second decal, we decided to decorate the wall behind our bed. It’s been bare since we moved in a year ago, due to a lack of decision making skills on our part. When I saw this abstract swirl pattern, I knew we had a winner. The image above illustrates the decal after removing the protective backing. After lessons learned and confidence gained from our first attempt, we were comfortable removing the backing in an open area and transporting it later.

Since the adhesive is very sticky when it comes to contact with a surface, I suggest you pre-mark on the wall where you want the decal to sit. Also, clear any obstacles that might be in the way. I’m very anal, so we did a dry run with the backing still on. A move, I would highly recommend. Once you get the decal on the wall, go from left to right with the supplied tool to flatten the decal and remove any air bubbles that might have formed.

What do you think of the final product? It looks pretty amazing on our wall, don’t you think? As you can see, most of their designs usually don’t have corners so it’s a little trickier to center it on your desired surface. Might I suggest you pick the furthermost points on the design and place a faint mark on the wall and go from there.


For anyone interested in adding a little attitude to your walls, I highly recommend you consider wall decals from WALLTAT.com. It’s relatively easy to put up, and the outcome will impress your guests. Whether you like pop art, nature scenes, ethnic patterns or classic designs, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a design that catches your eye.

If you’re looking for a little bling, they offer a few of their designs in a reflective finish. I still have a couple of these to put up, but can decide on where to put them yet, but I have inspected them and can confirm the reflection quality is pretty wicked.

Just a couple of suggestions before installing the wall tattoo:

  • read the shipped instructions thoroughly
  • enlist a friend to help
  • using tape, place the decal on the desired surface to visualize it better. the decals aren’t reusable. strictly for one-time use only
  • clean the surface before sticking the decal
  • be patient and don’t rush things
  • turn off any fans and remove any obstacles

To start you search for the perfect decal for your home, head over to WALLTAT.com to surf through their extensive selection. If you have any questions, read their comprehensive FAQ library.

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