Friday, December 14, 2012

WALLTAT 25% OFF Santa Sale & Ordering Deadline

Welcome to WALLTAT's biggest SALE yet!  Enjoy 25% OFF instant savings on all orders placed until midnight, Monday, 12/17/12.

The WALLTAT Christmas ordering deadline is December 17th at noon CST for those of you who would like to put Wall Decals under the tree this year.  This includes wall decal products from our standard collection and does not include products from the full-color or wall paper collections.

A great gift idea for the holidays are Gift Certificates that can be redeemed on any of our products within a year of the purchase date!  The electronic WALLTAT gift certificates are also included in the sale and can be easily printed from your own computer.  It's that easy!

Our elves are eager to create your Santa Sale orders!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WALLTAT Mustache You a Question...

Do you know that the month of November represents more than the beginning of our holiday season?  This month is becoming more and more known with each year for the culmination of millions of men worldwide who grow out their fabulous (or not so fabulous) moustaches in the name of men's health awareness, research, education and survivorship.  Movember is the blend of Mustaches + November that the Movember and Sons group has created for a global network of manly citizens who transform their faces into walking awareness billboards for 30 days.  The "Mo Bro" registrants are given a link on the Movember and Sons website to allow supporters to donate directly to their mustache (and to the great cause hiding behind that stache).  Over 90% of proceeds received through Movember registrants are donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG Foundation, Awareness and Education outreach.  Movember 2012 had a record breaking 1,125,195 registrants who raised USD $120,677,448 !!!  Many congrats to the registrants and Movember for their amazing 'growth.'

This year, Nick Offerman (better known as manly, man Ron Swanson) was the spokesman for Movember.  He says, "The bulk of you will end up with something atrocious on your upper lip... but get ready for the manliest journey of your life."  And he follows up his inspiring message by eating a raw onion. 

Considering the mustache movement has become a hipster phenomenon for the past few years, WALLTAT has received tremendous positive feedback on the Mustache (Set of 12) Wall Decals product.  Customers, companies and designers alike are decorating their walls with these stylish soup strainers.  Now available in two size options and 34 colors.  Get your stache on!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WALLTAT Awareness Ribbons - Find Your Cause

During the month of October our nation showed their support  for breast cancer awareness by adorning the color pink on literally everything from city skyscrapers, NFL players, TV shows like Ellen and The Today Show, along with endless amounts of merchandise and apparel.
WALLTAT Wall Decals was inspired by the awareness movement for breast cancer, and in the process of creating the pink ribbon, we found it important to also create a total of 18 ribbon colors representing over 45 important causes like diabetes, animal abuse, multiple sclerosis and supporting our troops.
The Wall Decal Awareness Ribbons are sold as a 6-pack, to include 1 large ribbon, 2 medium ribbons and 3 small ribbons.  This variety in size gives customers more opportunity to share with friends and have an array of installation options.
Use our chart to find your cause and let the awareness begin!

Friday, October 26, 2012

WALLTAT Launches Fall 2012 Collection of Wall Decals Featuring Chic Patterns and Wall Quotes

WALLTAT has just unveiled its Fall 2012 collection of wall decals that includes versatile patterns, wall quotes to coordinate perfectly with any interior.

This is our most exciting collection yet because it gives customers even more flexibility in their design choices. Rather than choosing a single design there are now packages of patterns, borders and shapes that can be joined together or positioned apart to span an entire wall. The packs can also serve as room borders or accents around doors, windows or furniture pieces. The perfect, affordable solution in creating focal points in any home improvement project.

Among the most popular designs of the new collection is the Ironic Mustache Set, which consists of a collection of 12 varying mustache styles. This quirky and humorous design has proven to be a conversation starter. 

Other favorites are the Room Border Set, the Trellis Pattern and the Damask Accent. Installations can vary from vertical rows or horizontal strips or linked together serving as a modern wallpaper alternative. These new wall decal packs offer even more versatility to our customers, so they can easily position stylish patterns to best fit their wall shape and size.

Another highlight of the fall collection is the addition of Wall Quotes, an entirely new category of popular sayings, famous quotes, custom monograms, names and lettering. Inspirational quotes from Buddha, Mother Theresa and other popular sayings such as "Sweet Dreams", "Relax" and "Once Upon a Time" that may suit any home or office setting in need of that added touch.

We are really proud to have rolled out such a successful collection of new products, categories and color offerings in 2012. Starting early 2013 we will have even more exciting news and services to share with all of you wonderful DIY fans.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Wall Decals - WALLTAT 2012 Collection

In late Spring of 2012, WALLTAT rolled out a new collection of our removable Wall Decals that have been well received by creative customers like you all summer long!  We want to highlight a handful of the spring and summers best sellers to explain why we felt they were an important addition to the WALLTAT collection.

Precious Flowers Wall Decals

This pretty design offers a two-color blend of stems and petals that can be selected from our 34 color options.  We like this design because it was dainty enough to accent a living room, floyer or bedroom yet offers the perfect amount of flair.

Room Border Wall Decals

You spoke, we listened.  Some of your home offices and dining rooms required only a simple pick-me-up.  These room borders are sold in 4-packs that assemble together to cover 15ft of linear wall space for only $69.  Forget the painters tape, our removable wall decals install easily and without the hassle of messy paint and imperfect lines.

Takeoff Birds Wall Decals

Like us, our WALLTAT fans are huge lovers of both art and nature.  Join those two together and you get this geometric shape of abstract birds while in flight.  This wall decal can also be used as a ceiling medallion wall decal to feature a light fixture.

Cowboy Wall Decals

Yeehaw!  It was time we paid homage to our friends in the south.  Sure, we previously offered a smattering of horse wall decals, but nothing quiet like this rodeo inspired wall decal.  This horse and cowboy action sequence covers a wild ride from beginning to end.

Skull Wall Decals

Skulls have found their rebirth in last 5 years of fashion and design.  Rather than choosing the same old skull and crossbones design that seemed to have run its course, we choose the Day of the Dead wall decal design.  It symbolizes a more positive and respectful outlook on those who we have loved and lost.  And for those of you who aren't into symbolism, it still makes a bold design statement in any one of our 34 color options.

Houndstooth Wall Decal

This timeless houndstooth pattern has been around for decades.  We have arranged the 12-pack houndstooth wall decal to look as if it has a mind of its own, but each one can be individually cut out and placed however it suits your fancy. 

Animal Wall Decals

What design is more suiting for a nursery than an adorable trail of Momma, Daddy and Baby elephants?!  These cartoon-like elephant wall decals connect together by their trunks as they follow the leader.  Position this design over a crib or changing table and select any one of our 34 colors to match your babies room decor.

Kids Wall Decals