Cool Wall Decals - WALLTAT 2012 Collection

In late Spring of 2012, WALLTAT rolled out a new collection of our removable Wall Decals that have been well received by creative customers like you all summer long!  We want to highlight a handful of the spring and summers best sellers to explain why we felt they were an important addition to the WALLTAT collection.

Precious Flowers Wall Decals

This pretty design offers a two-color blend of stems and petals that can be selected from our 34 color options.  We like this design because it was dainty enough to accent a living room, floyer or bedroom yet offers the perfect amount of flair.

Room Border Wall Decals

You spoke, we listened.  Some of your home offices and dining rooms required only a simple pick-me-up.  These room borders are sold in 4-packs that assemble together to cover 15ft of linear wall space for only $69.  Forget the painters tape, our removable wall decals install easily and without the hassle of messy paint and imperfect lines.

Takeoff Birds Wall Decals

Like us, our WALLTAT fans are huge lovers of both art and nature.  Join those two together and you get this geometric shape of abstract birds while in flight.  This wall decal can also be used as a ceiling medallion wall decal to feature a light fixture.

Cowboy Wall Decals

Yeehaw!  It was time we paid homage to our friends in the south.  Sure, we previously offered a smattering of horse wall decals, but nothing quiet like this rodeo inspired wall decal.  This horse and cowboy action sequence covers a wild ride from beginning to end.

Skull Wall Decals

Skulls have found their rebirth in last 5 years of fashion and design.  Rather than choosing the same old skull and crossbones design that seemed to have run its course, we choose the Day of the Dead wall decal design.  It symbolizes a more positive and respectful outlook on those who we have loved and lost.  And for those of you who aren't into symbolism, it still makes a bold design statement in any one of our 34 color options.

Houndstooth Wall Decal

This timeless houndstooth pattern has been around for decades.  We have arranged the 12-pack houndstooth wall decal to look as if it has a mind of its own, but each one can be individually cut out and placed however it suits your fancy. 

Animal Wall Decals