WALLTAT Mustache You a Question...

Do you know that the month of November represents more than the beginning of our holiday season?  This month is becoming more and more known with each year for the culmination of millions of men worldwide who grow out their fabulous (or not so fabulous) moustaches in the name of men's health awareness, research, education and survivorship.  Movember is the blend of Mustaches + November that the Movember and Sons group has created for a global network of manly citizens who transform their faces into walking awareness billboards for 30 days.  The "Mo Bro" registrants are given a link on the Movember and Sons website to allow supporters to donate directly to their mustache (and to the great cause hiding behind that stache).  Over 90% of proceeds received through Movember registrants are donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG Foundation, Awareness and Education outreach.  Movember 2012 had a record breaking 1,125,195 registrants who raised USD $120,677,448 !!!  Many congrats to the registrants and Movember for their amazing 'growth.'

This year, Nick Offerman (better known as manly, man Ron Swanson) was the spokesman for Movember.  He says, "The bulk of you will end up with something atrocious on your upper lip... but get ready for the manliest journey of your life."  And he follows up his inspiring message by eating a raw onion. 

Considering the mustache movement has become a hipster phenomenon for the past few years, WALLTAT has received tremendous positive feedback on the Mustache (Set of 12) Wall Decals product.  Customers, companies and designers alike are decorating their walls with these stylish soup strainers.  Now available in two size options and 34 colors.  Get your stache on!


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