Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WALLTAT Christmas Delivery Deadline 2013

For U.S. customers, the WALLTAT Wall Decals Christmas Delivery deadline for 2013 is December 18th. Orders placed after 12/18 cannot be guaranteed for delivery on Christmas depending on your specific location.  International shipments cannot be guaranteed, but anyone can join in the discounted savings!

To continue in the spirit of online holiday shopping, we are offering another sitewide 20% OFF SALE that runs through midnight, 12/18/13. This amazing discount can also be used to purchase Wall Decal Gift Certificates that can be printed instantly from your very own cozy home or office.

To ring in the savings, enter coupon code:  RUDOLPH  during checkout.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 2, 2013

WALLTAT Cyber Monday Sale - 25% OFF

WALLTAT Wall Decals CYBER Monday Sale
WALLTAT Wall Decals are on SALE for Cyber Monday through midnight December 2nd, 2013.  The 25% OFF Sale is SITEWIDE, so be sure to shop all collections to find the ideal design for your decor. Need gift ideas?  WALLTAT Cyber Monday sale even includes the full discount off of Gift Certificates.  Stock up on wall decals and wall decal gift certificates today and receive 25% OFF!  Its our biggest sale of the year!

Join us on Facebook for additional sales throughout the season and year round.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WALLTAT Thanksgiving Sale!

Save big on wall decals this Thanksgiving with discount code options
WALLTAT Thanksgiving Sale 2013
Gobble up the savings this Thanksgiving week with WALLTAT Wall Decals "A Feast for the Eyes" sale! Allow your eyes to feast on over 550 products to find the perfect fit for your home or office decor.  We also have a brand new Holiday Wall Decal collection of ornaments, Christmas trees and New Years designs that will bring the spirit of the holidays onto your walls with DIY ease.

Enter the corresponding Coupon Code to your order amount and save!

Take $5 Off when you spend $30 (coupon code: HEALTH)
$10 Off when you spend $50 (coupon code: HOME)
$25 Off when you spend $100 (coupon code FAMILY)

Offer ends at midnight on Thanksgiving, 11/28/13.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haute Halloween Wall Decals

Halloween decor isn't just reserved for October anymore.  Clothing, jewelry and home stores stock up on ghoulish merchandise year round with skulls, webs and the haunts of nature inspired by the sci-fi underworld. Everything from the cutesie skull throw pillows, an ironic zombie apocalypse tee shirts and fang necklaces only scratch the surface as some decor accents are just as gory as Hollywood intended.  Thanks to the countless hit television/movies craze ignited by Shaun of the Dead, Twilight, True Blood, Arrow, etc the more exposure we have to the undead, the longer this trend will survive.

We design our creepy and edgy Wall Decals with all 365 days in mind.  Installing any one of the Halloween designs are relevant year round and will be a noteworthy addition to your decor.

Giant Tree Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Giant Tree Wall Decal has an eerie dry branch look that towers over giving an interesting perspective to a room.  Shown in color white installed on a black wall for drama and impact.

Spider Web Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Spider Web Wall Decal can be installed wall to wall or from a corner to a furniture piece.  Anchoring the webs ends helps enhance the realistic look of a spiders actual construction method in nature.  The spider comes separately with the design so you can choose to leave it out or position it as desired.

Entry Through Branches Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Entry Through Branches Wall Decal creates an illusion of a portal or clearing through your wall.  Best selected in a darker color (i.e. Dark Grey, Black, Dark Green, Chocolate) this design will certainly get your guests talking.

Full Moon Bats Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Full Moon Bats Wall Decal includes 17 bats and a moon that can all be individually positioned to best fit your wall space.  Each bat is unique in flight position and intricately cut to resemble their pointy snout, ears and claws.

Skull Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Skull Wall Decals depict the Day of the Dead carvings and paintings that derived from Mexico more than 500 years ago.  Just like All Hallows Eve celebrates spirits crossing over from death back into life, the Day of the Dead is a celebration of those who we have lost and wish to remember.  

Like this more artful skull design, all of our 550+ decal designs available on the website are suitable for all months of the year and can be customized from our 36 colors, 5 sizes and an orientation option. 

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal Has Landed!

Design Mission:  Torque your rooms ceiling appeal and give yourself, your kids and your friends something clever to chuckle about every time you enter the room.  Introducing the Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal, available in 34 colors, 3 size options and an orientation option.  This thin vinyl Wall Decal installs flush to the surface to maximize your ceiling heights and create the illusion of a special ops mission powered by your (previously boring) ceiling fan.  Time to pull pitch your ceiling to greater heights....
Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal by WALLTAT.com
Prior to installation, we recommend temporarily removing the fans decorative trim cover.  This can easily be accomplished by releasing the set screws and allowing the trim cover to rest on the fan motor while you complete the helicopter installation.  The trim cover will be reattached after installation to complete the project (illustrated in the photo above).  There is a 1" pre-cut hole and pre-cut slice on the roofs edge to allow the decal to install around the mounting rod.  Installation Instructions (included with each order) will need to be followed to complete the decal installation.  

Be a comrade and share your installation photos with us on Facebook and Twitter.  
Over & Out.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Las Vegas Wall Decals - The House Always Wins

In honor of the 2013 World Series of Poker (starting May 29th at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino) WALLTAT is proud to launch the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas SignWall Decals.  Available in 34 Color combinations and 5 Size options, this famous landmark design is the perfect accent for the rec room, poker room, living room or foyer. Buy-in to this timeless decal design and your house will always win.

Las Vegas Sign Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Visit WALLTAT.com for dimensions, pricing and purchase.  Now lets get the cards in the air!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WALLTAT Wall Decals Make Headline News

An article written (below) by Melissa Dutton for the Associated Press was syndicated this morning to the Washington Post and ABC News.  It is packed with information about Wall Decals that included helpful interviews with DIY customers and designers alike.  Included in those interviews was interior designer and WALLTAT founder, Jordan Guide.  

Stick-on personality: Wall decals can give a room a lift

During a recent home remodel, Diane Wright decided the stairway leading to her garage needed some perking up.
So she went online and found a wall decal — roosting love birds on a branch.
“I love them. It adds some individuality,” said Wright, who also has used decals in other parts of her home on Kiawah Island, S.C.
Wall decals have taken off as an easy, affordable and temporary way to transform a room, said interior designer Darla Blake of Unique & Chic Interiors in Irvine, Calif. The flexible vinyl decals come in dozens of colors and hundreds of designs, everything from animals and music notes to funky patterns and religious symbols. There are words and sayings. And some companies make custom decals.
“Having a tree in your bathroom, or a park bench and bicycle on a wall behind a sofa, or a bridge going to nowhere brings a smile to everyone who enters the room,” Blake said.
Branches and Blossoms Wall Decal by WALLTAT
The decals make it easy to personalize a room, which is popular right now, she said. “You can easily find something to reference your personality, your job or your lifestyle,” she said.
Wright has used decals as an inexpensive border in a bedroom and above photos.
“It’s certainly a whole lot less than hiring a painter,” she said.
Price varies by size, but a decal around 25 inches by 50 inches would usually be less than $100.
Barbara Irvine of Syracuse, N.Y., chose a verse from one her favorite hymns to decorate the space above her kitchen sink. The words, “Come ye thankful people, come,” prompt her to count her blessings, she said.
She installed them herself by slowly rubbing them off their paper backing with a tool similar to a tongue depressor.
“They come with very good instructions,” said Irvine, who ordered the custom phrase from Wall Words in Santa Ana, Calif. “It’s fairly easy. You do want to get them level.”
The words are designed to easily go on and off, said Carrol Caldwell, owner of Wall Words. She advises using painter’s tape to attach the paper backing to the wall before firmly rubbing the decal onto the wall.
“It brings back how important words are in your life,” she said. “It’s way to add something that is very meaningful and helps you through the day.”
Quotes Wall Decals by WALLTAT
And the decals peel right off when you’re done using them, she said.
Easy removal makes decals especially attractive to renters, students in dorms and parents decorating nurseries, said Jordan Guide, chief executive and founder of Walltat.com.
They can add impact to a small room without taking up space, added interior designer Linda Hunt of Creatively Yours Custom in Richmond, Va. She often puts them in powder rooms to make the space feel larger. She has had clients’ monograms made and installed in their master bath. She also uses decals in kitchens and foyers.
Once, she used them to create text for a “memory wall” that a client had in honor of her deceased brother.
“The possibilities of what you can put together are endless,” Hunt said.
3D Wall Decal by WALLTAT

Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Custom Name Text Wall Decals

We are proud to announce the launch of the WALLTAT Name Text Wall Decal generator!  Create custom kids names, family names, room signage, business text and any wall wording you need for the home or office.  Available in 33 Font Types, 34 Wall Decal Color Options, 8 Width Options (1ft W up to 8ft W) and an Orientation option (only used if applied to glass/windows).   Simply select your favorite font, type in your name, choose your color and name width.  We'll get your walls talking in no time!
The WALLTAT Name Text generator was used by HGTV's Anthony and John of Cousins On Call in an episode called 'An Inspired Extension' airing tonight.  They selected Vivaldi Name Text font to create a special element for the Betsy Family home renovation.  Be sure to tune in, because we will be giving away $100 GIFT CARDS for TWO lucky fans who discover what part of the home the WALLTAT was used in this episode!  To enter, tune in to Cousins on Call tonight (2/13/13) at 8pm/7c and answer the following question via Twitter or Facebook:

GIVEAWAY QUESTION:   For what part of the Cousins On Call  'An Inspired Extension' (airing tonight) home makeover did WALLTAT Wall Decals create custom decals?

1. There will be ONE winner from Facebook and ONE from Twitter.
2. Winners MUST 'Like' BOTH The Cousins and Walltat.com on Facebook and/or @CousinsTV and @walltat on Twitter to win on each platform respectively.
3. Twitter entries must use the hashtag #TatMyWall to be considered.
4. Please submit only ONE entry per person per platform.
5. Contest opens at
8pm/7c on Wednesday 2/13 and closes 8pm/7c on Friday 2/15 (entries before or after these times will not be considered).
6. Winners will be chosen at random using random.org.
7. Winners will be contacted and announced Monday, 2/18/13.

Good luck to all who enter!