Thursday, April 25, 2013

Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal Has Landed!

Design Mission:  Torque your rooms ceiling appeal and give yourself, your kids and your friends something clever to chuckle about every time you enter the room.  Introducing the Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal, available in 34 colors, 3 size options and an orientation option.  This thin vinyl Wall Decal installs flush to the surface to maximize your ceiling heights and create the illusion of a special ops mission powered by your (previously boring) ceiling fan.  Time to pull pitch your ceiling to greater heights....
Helicopter Ceiling Fan Wall Decal by
Prior to installation, we recommend temporarily removing the fans decorative trim cover.  This can easily be accomplished by releasing the set screws and allowing the trim cover to rest on the fan motor while you complete the helicopter installation.  The trim cover will be reattached after installation to complete the project (illustrated in the photo above).  There is a 1" pre-cut hole and pre-cut slice on the roofs edge to allow the decal to install around the mounting rod.  Installation Instructions (included with each order) will need to be followed to complete the decal installation.  

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