Wall Decal Restroom Signage and Custom Lettering

When your store or restaurants 'grand opening' countdown begins, its easy to forget the little things like room and wayfinding signage  for areas around the store or office. We have fielded many crisis-mode phone calls requesting rush production and delivery to meet next-day deadlines for these finishing touch emergencies, and we are here to help!   WALLTAT Wall Decals offers stock Restroom Signage and Dining Room themed decor, but we also have a Custom Text category that allows you to type in any Wall Lettering you need, along your choice from 30 font types, 34 colors and sizing from 1ft to 4ft in width.  We've got you covered!

Bathroom Signage Wall Decals
Unisex Restroom Sign by WALLTAT Wall Decals 
Bathroom signage doesn't have to be boring!  The Unisex Restroom Sign by WALLTAT joins in the fun with a mustache and lips combination to display the gender friendly restroom.

 Unisex Bathroom Signs
Unisex Bathroom Signs by WALLTAT Wall Decals
This 2-Pack includes two full sets of the men and womens room graphic with text.  Great for a larger retail or restaurant establishment that has multiple restrooms.  Choose to use this design as a whole for unisex bathrooms or cut out each figure and use them to label separate men's and women's restrooms.

Mens and Womens Bathroom Signs
Boys and Girls Room Wall Decal by WALLTAT
These lighthearted signage graphics of a boy and girl can be used not only for bathrooms in grade schools, day cares and children's boutiques, but also for labeling your children's bedrooms in your home. Position the boy and his bowtie and girl and her bow with or without the text and position each as desired.

Restroom Signage
Men and Women Gender Symbol Restroom Signage by WALLTAT
The Mars (Men) and Venus (Women) symbols are a creative way to label a restroom quickly and easily. Available in 34 colors, these gender symbols will certainly attract compliments from your visiting patrons.

Private Room Signage
Privacy Screen Door Surround Wall Decal by WALLTAT
This door surround with text reading "Privacy" is an elegant way to keep unwanted shoppers or employees out of a private room or office.  The top and side sections are made to be trimmed to fit any door size during the DIY installation.

And don't forget... we can create any wall decal text lettering or signage that you need for your store, office or home.  We look forward to hearing from you!


GLarravide said…
I have pinned those ideas I like the best on one of my boards. It is called "awesome ideas".

I am a media artist and enjoyed seeing your work. As a freelancer, I used to make nursery decals for a boss.

I had some ideas for some nice fun and engaging 'toys/ games' for the walls of children but he later had a family emergency and had to stop his store.

If you would ever be interested in hiring me to pick up where I left off with him, keep me posted.

Have a terrific 2016!

Gloria Larravide
find me on linkedIn or google my name on your browser, with Illustrator to find me and my current projects :)

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