Thursday, June 12, 2014

FIFA World Cup Inspired Wall Decals

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil kicks off today in a heated match between Brazil and Croatia.  Prepare yourselves for action packed futbol as the finest players from around the world go head to head to defend their countries in the hopes of bringing home the World Cup Trophy.  The tournament runs through Sunday, July 13.

Are you ready?!? Now is the time to get into the spirit of the competition.  WALLTAT Wall Decals has created World Cup inspired Soccer Wall Decals available in 34 vinyl colors to best represent your team.
FIFA World Cup Party Decorations
Keep Calm World Cup Wall Decal by WALLTAT
While absolutely loosing your mind as your team battles on the field, this Keep Calm Watch the World Cup Wall Decal will help you catch your breath and keep your eye on the prize.
Soccer Futbol Wall Stickers
Soccer 10 Wall Decal by WALLTAT
Feel the presents of greatness as this #10 soccer player wall decal scissor kicks a winning goal on your living room, rec room or bedroom wall!  GOL!!!!
FIFA Wall Decor
Soccer Wall Decals by WALLTAT
Support the kings of futbol with this crowned soccer ball with wings surrounded by an adoring crowd of cheering hopefuls below.  Perfect to transform your TV room into a stadium all your own.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WALLTAT Ceiling Decal Collection

What is it about a perfectly designed rooms that we admire?  For some it is the alluring blends of colors and textures that sweep our eyes around the space, or the room layout and functionality that we envision making our daily lives easier.  It could also be one particular design element or work of art that caught our eye that we just can't live without.  We have been following interior design trends for years now and think good design means well thought out rooms from head to toe.  All five walls (yes five walls) that incorporate the forgotten ceiling - the 5th wall.

Interior Designer and Founder of WALLTAT, Jordan Guide has just answered the age old question of how to enhance plain ceilings and light fixtures to create that "wow" factor we see in the magazines.  She has completed and launched her first Ceiling Decal Collection - available now at WALLTAT.  Designs range from Sunbursts to Medieval Compass and with this versatile group of ten clever ceiling designs, each are available in 34 colors and priced from $49 - $179.  Some are styled to mimic ceiling medallions to encircle lighting fixtures and others are sold freestanding to place around pendants or scatter around plain ceilings to highlight the furnishings below.  At WALLTAT, things are certainly looking up!

WALLTAT Ceiling Decal
Iron Flower Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Decal Stickers
Sunburst Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Stickers
Calligraphic Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT
WALLTAT Ceiling Decals
Canopy Molding Ceiling Medallion
Ceiling Medallion by WALLTAT
Kaleidoscope Ceiling Medallion Decal
Scroll Ceiling Art Decals
Scroll Ceiling Art Decal by WALLTAT
Light Fixture Decals by WALLTAT
Medieval Ceiling Art Decal by WALLTAT
Swirl Flourish Ceiling Decal by WALLTAT