Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spruce up Your Home for the Holidays

You can do so much to contribute to the spirit of the holidays in and around your home. As Halloween approaches, jack-o-lanterns and hay bales make their appearance. Those soon give way to gourds, corn cobs, pine cones, and mums as Thanksgiving rolls around. And of course, the winter holidays are the big finale. We all have our decorating traditions, but one you may not have thought of is using decals to really capitalize on each holiday’s unique joys in your home. A huge plus is that the decals can be easily removed so you can move onto the next holiday without letting a day pass by.

Here are a few ideas from Modernize on using WALLTAT wall decals to take your holiday spirit to the next level.


If you want kid-friendly wall decor, these Full Moon Bats Wall Decals are sure to bring the spook without overdoing the scare. Position these separate decals as you desire to fit the size and ambiance of your room. This is perfect for your family room or your kid’s bedroom. Halloween movie nights will be so much more fun! 

Unless you’re into zombies and gore, one of the first Halloween decorations that comes to mind is the classic cobweb. Evoke a gothic feel with another kid-friendly decor option that will feel extra creepy-crawly above a bed or behind a couch. The Spider Web Wall Decals can be applied with or without the spider.  

If your roommates and company happen to be a little more mature, this horrifying clawed hand will be the perfect addition to your living room. Whether you’re hosting a costume party or an intimate scary movie night, this Shadow Claw Wall Decal will set the mood.


But when All Hallows has passed, you need something warm and cozy to transport you to the delights of Autumn. And what’s more Autumn-ful than fallen leaves in burnt orange and wine red? These Happy Thanksgiving Wall Decals will make the perfect backdrop for your family feasts!

These Falling Leaves Decals are a versatile option that will last you from the beginning of September until it’s time to put up your Christmas decorations—and even then, you can simply tack on a few glistening ornament or snowflake decals to bring it into the winter.


Real ornaments are great, but can you ever really have enough? These Reflective Tinsel Wall Decals will make your home feel as warm and cozy as could be. Imagine curling up with a cup of hot chocolate underneath these glimmering ornaments—ones that the family pet can’t get their paws on. 

Even if it’s still 60 degrees outside in December, these Let It Snow Decals will you feel like you’ve climbed aboard the polar express. Arrange the snowflakes yourself, and choose any color you want—gray, light blue, and metallic all work perfectly on white walls. 

Get festive with this lively leaping Rudolph. The whimsical Rudolph Wall Decal can pair with any style of decor and will delight guests of any age. You can choose the classic red Rudolph or pick another color to match your mantel decor. 

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? Sure, you already have one, but probably not in every room! Use this Modern Tree Wall Decal to bring the joyous spirit into every room—even the ones that don’t have space for a full-blown, real-life tree.


Could Easter even occur without flowers blooming everywhere? Welcome spring with this Floral Bouquet Wall Decal.