How to Decorate Your Bedroom with Custom Wall Decals

Nothing guarantees a boring bedroom more than bare walls. Your bedroom isn’t just where you sleep: it’s the one place in your home that’s undeniably yours. Even if you share a room, you’re likely to have a space within it that you call your own. This makes it the perfect place to express your individuality. Decorating a bedroom allows you to share your tastes and interests with friends, family, and whoever else may come to visit. Vinyl decals are a fun way to add some color and personality to all four corners of your bedroom.

Browse by Themes

You might be imagining giant images of superheroes, but rest assured, wall stickers aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of decals that enhance walls with sophisticated designs and patterns. They’re true pieces of art that you can coordinate with your existing room colors and decor.

It’s easy to find a decal that’ll help you feel right at home in your bedroom. For instance, nature lovers can make their wall a gateway to beautiful outdoor vistas and majestic creatures. Check out Entry Through Branches for a unique three-dimensional effect, or arrange Birds in Flight into whatever kind of flock you’d like.

Art aficionados can transform their spaces with pieces worthy of a gallery. Browse pop art for vibrant, eye-catching designs that virtually leap off your wall with modern flair. If you’re feeling more decadent, the ornate patterns of Baroque style decals exude elegance. Why not display a regal Decorative Border above your bed?

Sports enthusiasts can proudly showcase their recreational activity of choice. Our decals depict silhouettes of athletes in a range of dynamic poses. Choose from a basketball player leaping for a slam dunk, a hockey player firing a slap shot, a ballet dancer gracefully gliding across the floor, and much more. You’ll find that football, baseball, soccer, and extreme sports like skateboarding are also well-represented.

Get motivated with inspirational quote decals. Pick a simple word to put you in the right mindset or a complete statement of wisdom from prominent figures like Buddha and William Wordsworth. These stickers will set a positive tone for your entire day. You’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again! 

And because the little ones shouldn’t miss out on all the fun, we have kids wall decals just for them. Browse a colorful cast of whimsical characters and scenes perfect for any nursery or youngster’s bedroom. Removable wall stickers make it possible for a child’s room to grow and change right along with them. 

Still can’t find anything that speaks to you? Create your own custom wall decal to plan your dream display. Just upload the image of your choice, select a size and several other preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a convenient way to enjoy a one-of-a-kind decoration. 

Our pre-designed decals offer personalization options, too. Pick from over 30 standard colors, including reflective gold and chrome. Each sticker is available in various sizes, so you can make sure it comfortably fits your space.

Best of all, our decals are simple to apply and remove without damaging your wall surface. Whenever a fresh wave of inspiration hits, you can easily take down a sticker to make room for a new one, keeping your bedroom consistently updated. When you see the wide variety of decals waiting for you, we’re confident that’s just what you’ll do!


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