Discover the future of graphics technology now!

Color — it’s everywhere we look. Think of that exotic car (it’s red, of course), to the vibrant green of a lush rainforest, all the way to the deep blue of the ocean. You want to capture those colors and so many more in your home or business. Piece of cake! Right?

Wait until you see what the future of graphics holds for you!

We recently attended a SGIA (Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association) event and we encountered new ways that graphics have evolved.

Vibrant colors and especially accurate skin tones are now possible – used to be very difficult to reproduce accurately.

Peel-and-stick printable fabric can supply that perfect matte finish for any surface-mounted graphic!

Oversized graphics can now be produced without compromising extreme detail!

With direct to substrate printing systems, it is possible to print directly onto items like this door.

The cat is not amazing though, the printed clear, acid-etch look glass effect is!  You can even feel the texture!

Murals or decals for rough concrete, brick or stucco is now possible for many artistic effects!


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